Estate Planning Check-up

Fall is in the air and winter is right around the corner.  Many of us are trying to complete our goals for 2018 before the new year is upon us.  If one of your goals this year was to pull out and dust off your estate planning binder and make sure everything is up to date - time is running out.  If you are still committed to completing this goal, the following checklist may help:[table id=3 /]If you answered “No” or “Don’t Know” to any of these questions you should have your plan reviewed by a competent attorney - soon.  Unfortunately, I have spent the last several weeks dealing with issues in estate plans that could have been corrected and saved substantial amounts of money had they been addressed before the individuals died.  It is so much easier for you to fix problems with your plan than it will be for your loved ones when you cannot.  Please call if you would like to have the attorneys at Hallock & Hallock review your estate plan.  We have a rigorous review checklist designed to unearth problems now that may derail your estate plan later.