Goodbye Rand, and Thank You.

I lost a great friend this week and the Cache County Bar lost a great attorney after a brief and sudden illness.  Many years ago after I had an experience where my own life was nearly cut short, Rand and I discussed the importance of having someone in place who could help the family sell or close down the business in the event of our untimely deaths.  Rand had the foresight to think ahead and put plans in place to allow this to happen.   I am now working with the family and staff to help conclude his practice in an orderly manner.A few short months ago none of us would have thought we would be here.  This is a reminder to me once again of how quickly things can change for all of us.  It is also a reminder of how important it is to have an emergency plan in place.  As a business owner, if you were to pass away or become disabled suddenly is there someone that can help the business have a soft landing?  Has your spouse been introduced to your advisory team?  Are your business records in order?  Do you have systems in place or is everything dependent upon you?I am sad at the loss of my friend, but I am grateful to him for the things he did to make my job now so much easier.