I just finished digging out after a major snow storm hit our community.  I had looked at the weather earlier in the week, but the size of the storm surprised me.  The storm was so big that they cancelled school for the kids.  They were happily surprised.   Unfortunately, my snow blower needed a repair that I had neglected so it was shovels for us.  Not a good surprise.  As I was shoveling, a gentlemen who I have never met pulled into our driveway with his tractor and pulled a tremendous amount of snow away saving me a lot of work and maybe my back.  That was a good surprise.Sometimes surprises are good and sometimes they are not.  Unfortunately, in the estate planning world the surprises are often negative.  An unexpected tax consequence.  Property was not in a trust and now a probate is required.  Fortunately, many of the surprises can be averted with good planning and regular follow-up.  Decisions have consequences.  Indecision or procrastination have consequences as well.Don’t be surprised.