The Benefit of an Experienced Guide

I was at an event this week and saw a flyer that advertised “trusts for sale” at a very minimal price.  When I first saw it, I thought, how could they prepare an estate plan for so little.  I don’t think I could even meet with a client once and create an estate plan at that price.  However, as I thought further about that advertisement, I realized that what I do and what that company does are two completely different things.  That company “sells” trusts, really a stack of paper, with presumably limited, if any, guidance or counseling.  On the other hand, we create estate plans and family business succession plans.  We meet extensively with our clients, help guide them through what may feel like a wilderness, help them make well thought out decisions, and create a functioning plan.My boys and I like to watch Bear Grylls and his show Running Wild on NBC.  On the show, Bear takes entertainment and sports figures to remote and wild locations for crazy adventures.  While I would not want to do some of the things seen on the show under any circumstances, I would definitely not want to head out into some of these remote areas without an experienced guide like Bear to help me get back alive.  We use guides for many things: hunting, fishing, river rafting, etc.  How things turn out often depends upon the quality and experience of the guide.  As you prepare to embark on the journey that is estate planning or family business succession planning, ask yourself about your goals.  Is the goal to get a stack of documents at the lowest price possible?  Or, is the goal to have a high quality, experienced individual lead you through the perils and pitfalls of planning to a successful end?There is and always will be a benefit to using an experienced guide.