Charitable Planning

We are a nation of givers.  By some estimates, we give over $300 Billion each year to charity.  At the urging of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, many of the world’s richest families have pledged to give at least one-half of their fortune to charity.   
Why do we give?  We give for many reasons.  
  • We give because of our faith. 
  • We give because of a life changing experience. 
  • We give because of our love of animals or nature. 
  • We give because we want to cure a disease.
  • We give because we see a need. 
  • We give because we don’t want our children to suffer from Affluenza.
We give for emotional reasons and sometimes we give for tax reasons.  Whatever may be the driving force for your philanthropic desires, the attorneys at Hallock & Hallock can provide the advice needed to navigate the many decisions to be made in charitable giving.  Whether it is a private foundation, a donor advised fund, a charitable remainder trust, charitable lead trust, or any other charitable giving strategy, the attorneys at Hallock & Hallock have the experience to recommend and create the right vehicle for your planned giving.