Trust Administration and Probate


Our Process

Step One: Intake Form

Completing our brief intake form will allow us to know a little about you before we meet and thus make the meeting more personal to your situation. You can email, fax, or drop off the completed form to us.

Step Two: Initial consultation

This meeting is a chance for you to meet with us and discuss your concerns as well as your goals and objectives and make sure Hallock & Hallock is the right fit for you.

Step Three: document drafting

If we decide to work together, in step three we will prepare any necessary documents to initiate the administration process. If a probate is required, this will involve having the personal representative appointed by the Court.

Step Four: Inventory and Account

After you have the legal authority to act on behalf of the estate, the next step is to marshal and gain control over assets. This will include your duty to inventory and account for estate assets. Depending on your wishes, our firm may handle this in total or simply assist you in fulfilling your duties.

Step Five: Dealing with Debts

The next step is to pay any legitimate claims against the estate. We will assist with the process of notifying and ultimately paying creditor claims against the estate.

Step Six: Distribution

The final step is distribution. Whether distribution is immediate, over a period of years, or long term legacy trusts are being established, we will help you through the distribution process and the sometimes difficult decisions that must be made.

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