Our Process

At Hallock & Hallock, we have a client centered approach to delivering our estate and business planning services.  We believe each client is unique with their own story.  Whether you are concerned about probate, taxes, special needs children, long term care, or succession of your business, we understand the challenges and roadblocks of planning.  We will provide you with the tools and resources you need to address your concerns and to meet your planning goals and objectives.   

We are constantly working to deliver state of the art planning services in an efficient and client-friendly manner.  When you come into our office, you will be helped by attorneys and staff that focus on providing the very best service possible.  We do this by taking time to talk to you and understand your unique situation.  We believe that one-size-fits-all planning really fits no one.  We’re prepared to help you prepare. ™

Intake Form. Completing our brief intake form will allow us to know a little about you before we meet and thus make the meeting more personal to your situation.

The Initial Consultation. This meeting is a chance for you to meet with us and discuss your concerns as well as your goals and objectives.

The Design Meeting. This is the meeting where we actually counsel together to design your individualized plan.  Depending on your circumstances, this meeting may be combined with the initial consultation.

Document Drafting. After we have designed your plan, the next step is to draft the documents, legal and otherwise, that will be the foundation of your plan. 

Completion and Signing.  Once the document drafting has been completed to your satisfaction, there will be a signing meeting where documents are executed and made effective.  

Review.  Good planning is not an event – it is a process.  As circumstances change, plans need to be updated to reflect those changes.  We offer our clients ongoing maintenance plans so their plans can be kept up to date.