Law of the Harvest

You reap what you sow.  Through experience or otherwise, we all learn this immutable law of the harvest from an early age.  As I travel around Cache Valley right now the evidence is everywhere that as winter approaches, the local farmers have already begun preparation for next year.  We know that we cannot grow an apple tree by planting corn.  We also know that planting the seed by itself is not enough.  There is a process that must be followed.The same law of the harvest applies to planning for your business.  If you want the business to become what it is capable of becoming you must respect this law and adhere to the process.  The seed of course is the idea.  But the idea by itself is not enough.  The proper entity must be formed to provide liability protection for the owners and to obtain the most favorable tax treatment.  A buy-sell agreement should be agreed upon to minimize disputes among the owners.  Policies and procedures should be put in place to handle personnel matters.  Other processes should be established regarding all facets of the business.  Potential successors should be identified and groomed.  There are many great resources available to help as you honor and respect the process of growing a successful business.  Here are a few must read books that I would recommend:1.       Good to Great by Jim Collins2.       The E Myth Revisited by Michael E. Gerber3.       EntreLeadership by Dave RamseyNone of us can avoid the law of the harvest.  To have a successful business you must respect that it is a process and not an event.  With hard work and the blessing of a little rain along the way you can find yourself with a great business.