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Farm Businesses – Choosing the Right Entity

I am working on putting the finishing touches on materials for a conference I am speaking at in December. Among the topics I will be speaking on is choosing the right entity for your farm or ranch business. There are many considerations in making this choice and often the business objectives can be at odds with the estate planning objectives. It is important to consider and weigh both when making these decisions.

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Law of the Harvest

You reap what you sow. Through experience or otherwise, we all learn this immutable law of the harvest from an early age. As I travel around Cache Valley right now the evidence is everywhere that as winter approaches, the local farmers have already begun preparation for next year. We know that we cannot grow an apple tree by planting corn. We also know that planting the seed by itself is not enough. There is a process that must be followed.

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Starting a New Business - Prepare for Success

In considering whether or not to start a new business there are a host of questions you should ask yourself in determining whether it is a good idea and whether or not you have the right stuff to pull it off. However, once the decision is made to move forward, too many with great ideas and great skills fail because they did not take the time to put the businesses legal and financial framework in proper order.

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